Service Price
Software Installation $39.95
Virus and spyware removal (additional charge after 2 hours) $49.95
Operating system repair $169.95
Operating system fresh install $99.95
Wireless networking setup
  • (2 computers, parts extra)
  • $129.95
    Windows operating system customization $49.95/hour
    Install a single hardware device
    General computer repair labor (parts extra) $69.95/hour
    Tutoring or training*
    Media format conversion (cost of blank media not included)
    General service call or system check-up
  • price to be applied towards any recommended service performed on the same visit
  • $24.95

    All other services are priced based on job requirements. Please contact us to arrange for an estimate.

    All software services are priced per operating system image. Most computers have a single operating system image. Examples: A computer that dual-booted Windows 98 and Windows XP has two operating system images. A dual-processor computer that only has Windows XP installed has a single operating system image. A single-processor computer that only has Windows 2000 installed has a single operating system image

    All hardware services are priced per computer.

    Prices do not include hardware or parts unless explicitly stated.

    *Training rates are for standard residential subjects. See the training page for details on advanced subjects or corporate training.

    Prices are subject to change.